Oh hey, 2018!

Yesterday it was January, and now it is nearly the end of March. How time flies when you have a baby! On the 26th January we welcomed our little daughter, Wren, into our family. She is settling in nicely and has already stolen all of our hearts; even big brother Hugo is smitten!

So, what do you do when you haven’t slept for more than three consecutive hours in seven weeks… you enter balloon competitions, that’s what! Last week I sent my entries in for the three competitions I will be competing in this year. They will all take place over a 7-week period in July and August. Starting in Luxembourg with the Luxembourg balloon trophy, then on to Poland for the 3rd Women’s World HAB Championships and then finally on to Austria for the open World HAB Championships. All with a 5 year old and 6 month old in tow- yeah! Perhaps it’s a little ambitious and slightly crazy, but I’d rather be out giving it a go then sitting at home wishing I was there. Sure, it may be that I will be an exhausted mess at the end, or somewhere in the middle of this schedule but after 4 months of not flying I can not wait to get in the air again and I am really excited about all of these competitions. Luxembourg will be an excellent shake out and practise leading up to the women's world champs and then hopefully by comp #3 I will know what I am doing. After all it will be the World championships, no biggie.  Until then, the next few months will be family focused with lots of planning and organising for the European summer.

Nic and Wren.jpg

Here’s a little pic of the cherub, 6 weeks old.