How time flies... and what's on for the rest of 2017.

Goodness, how quickly three quarters of year can fly by! It had been my intention to post fairly regularly on this site so after a bit of a break I am back at it again now and will endeavour to keep a little more up to date!

Not a lot has been missed in the world of competition ballooning in these last 8 months as, for me, there has been none :( After the Japan world championships we arrived home to an extremely busy summer season of commercial flying. As well as that 'life' was occurring, we sold our house in the Hunter Valley and moved east to Newcastle, the beach, and just a little bit more going on then in our quiet little piece of paradise in the Hunter. It has been an extremely busy and at times rather stressful first half of the year and I'm quite glad it's all over! 

Ok, now that my boring excuses have finished, back to the ballooning. I will be competing in all of TWO competitions this year, and one of those I will be flying with Matthew and 'sharing' a balloon. We will be travelling to Austria in August to compete at the Pre-world championship event at Groß-Siegharts. This is where the open world championships will be held in 2018 and will give us a great opportunity to check out the local area both from the ground and above before the competition proper next year!  Unfortunately the cost of getting to and participating in overseas events is quite huge, especially when there are two pilots in the family and everything is doubled, so for this event we will be flying together in the one balloon and hopefully not fighting too much ;-) ha!

Austria will provide a nice opportunity to get some practise in for our Australian National Championships which will be held, once again, in Northam, Western Australia during the first week of September. At the last National championships Matt and I placed 1st and 2nd. This time I'm hoping that we can again go 1, 2, but this time with me as #1 (of course!). Unfortunately our preparation has been quite sparse but this is something that we will always be struggling with living in Australia with it's lack of frequent competitions for practise.

That's all for now. More to come...