Dream watch....tick!

Years ago Matt and I made a deal after we were window shopping somewhere in the world and spied some really nice Breitling watches; if either of us won a ballooning world championships, the other would have to purchase a watch for them. Pretty great motivation for a competition… not that we needed any more motivation!

Finally, after 2 years (and a 2nd world championship win) we took a trip to the Breitling Watches head office and Sydney Boutique to settle the deal and pick up a very special package. In a way it was lucky for me that I had to wait a while, as just this year Breitling bought out the Galactic 29 (I had already chosen the larger 36mm version). It’s an absolute beauty of a watch, also very practical (I can swim with it), it tells the time (10x more accurately than most watches, I’ll have you know) and fits my scrawny little wrist perfectly. I am not really one to covet things, but I’m absolutely in love with this watch and love that one day I will be able to hand it down to a next-gen female aviator in the family and start a great tradition in our family. A big thank you to our friends at Breitling for helping me to own this watch.