Let the World Air Games begin.....aaaaaaaaand pause!

We're at the World Air Games in Dubai! This event is like the Olympics for air sports and runs every 4-5 years or so. It brings together all air-sports such as gliding, parachuting, acrobatics, helicopters and of course ballooning! I'm not flying here, instead I'm crewing for Matt who is Australia's #1 pilot entered. The event runs for 2 weeks and the ballooning component started midway through the event. 

We have been In Dubai almost a week now which has given us plenty of time to shake the jet lag and take in the atmosphere of Dubai and this fantastic event. There was an amazing multi-million dollar opening ceremony and we have watched some great air displays from different disciplines. The amount of organisation and money thrown at the event is phenomenal. I can't imagine I will ever have the privilege of attending an event quite like this one again. The ballooning competition started on Sunday with a 3-task morning flight. It's frustrating participating in a weather dependant sport as we had a big build up to the competition, flew the first flight and now we have a shamal, strong northwesterly winds, which have put the competition on hold, possibly losing two morning and three afternoon slots. Thankfully the weather is looking pretty good from Wednesday onwards so we should get some more good flights in before the end of competition on Saturday. 

In the mean time we are making the most of our time here and taking in some of the sights of this crazy city.