I am a hot air balloon pilot with a passion for competition ballooning. Currently I live in the beautiful Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia, with my husband Matthew and our 5-year-old son Hugo and baby daughter, Wren. I work as a commercial hot air balloon pilot for Balloon Aloft, flying up to 20 people in my basket each morning. Every day I think about how lucky I am to have my office in the sky. I started ballooning in 2007 after I scored a job as balloon crew the morning of my first ever balloon flight. That first impression of ballooning and everything about it was so positive and exciting that I wanted to be a part of it.

Fast-forward to 2013 when I competed as a pilot in my first ever hot air ballooning competition. Since then I have achieved some great results and am continually improving. In 2014 I became the 1st Women’s World Hot Air Ballooning Champion. In 2016 I defended my title. My goal is not only to be the best female but also to be a competitive pilot in open competitions and to challenge the men!

Thanks for visiting my page and following my hot air balloon adventures!


Achievements so far:


9th- 23rd FAI World HAB Championships; Groß-Siegharts, Austria

3rd- 3rd FAI Women’s World HAB Championships; Nałęczów, Poland

4th- Post Luxembourg Balloon Trophy; Luxembourg


2nd- 2017 Australian National HAB Championships; Northam WA


1st- 2016 Japanese Grand Prix Series, Team Scaife, Japan

41st- 22nd FAI World HAB Championships; Saga, Japan

1st- 2nd FAI Women's World HAB Championships; Birstonas, Lithuania

2nd- Round 2, Japanese Honda Balloon Grand Prix, ; Saku, Japan


14th - Saga International Fiesta and Pre-world Championships; Saga, Japan

2nd - Australian National Hot Air Balloon Championships; Northam, WA

1st - Canowindra International Balloon Challenge; Canowindra, NSW


1st - 1st FAI Women’s World Hot Air Ballooning Championships; Leszno, Poland

5th - UK National Hot Air Ballooning Championships; Gloucestershire, UK

4th - Australian National Hot Air Ballooning Championships; Canowindra, NSW


9th - Australian National Hot Air Ballooning Championships; Canowindra, NSW


Gained Commercial Pilot Licence


Gained Private Pilot Licence